Work from Home and Become your Own Boss
Network Marketing is BOOMING on the Web! We sponsor OVER 30,000 monthly worldwide without mailing anything, without faxing anything, without calling anyone! You can do it too. 
We are doing it, Totally Internet and system-driven and we've only scratched the surface.  

Let me tell you a bit about SFI:

SFI is now in its 12th successful year on the Internet. In that time, SFI has grown from just one product to multiple subdivisions and 31915 products and services.

Since 1998, SFI has paid out MILLIONS of dollars in commissions to affiliates in over 190 countries. In other words, SFI is in virtually every country in the world! 

I bet you are wondering why has SFI been so successful, while thousands of other companies have tried and failed? well, We attribute it largely to the unique makeup of our affiliate program—a hybrid sales and marketing system exquisitely powered by the Internet. It probably also has a lot to do with the simple fact that SFI WORKS for so many thousands of people.

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TC is a state-of-the-art Internet store site featuring numerous amenities including:

• Express Checkout
• WishLists
• Online order/shipment tracking
• An exclusive, money-saving daily deal ("Deal Of The Day")
• Special daily/weekly/monthly sales
• Popular penny auctions (Pricebenders™) with bids starting at only 1 cent.
• One-click sitewide currency conversions for 17 major world currencies.
• and much more!

TC is also a great place for yourself to buy stuffs you need, to put the stuffs you don't need online for everyone to see (millions of other people will be working to help you sell those items) and to generate Affiliates. 

With all these powerful features, TC provides SFI affiliates with a world-class instrument for generating Internet income. Its that easy.

Check it out for your self at:
SFI's corporate headquarters in Nebraska