Work from Home and Become your Own Boss

Thinking about becoming your own boss?

Have you ever thought about being your own boss, making your own money without the stress of meeting deadlines or someone checking on your every step, as well as the awful uncertainty of “Will I have enough hours of work next month?” Then you have landed in the right place.
My name is Andrea Syko and I am an Executive Affiliate from SFI.

I'm the mother of two little girls and they need me all day long. I didn't feel comfortable having someone else raising them and only
being able to see them a couple hours a day. So, I decided to join SFI as a part-timer. I was not sure if it was going to work. I mean, in
the past I tried many other online marketing companies; I read e-mails, mailed envelopes, filled out surveys, wrote subtitles for
movies and many more. Some of those worked, I won't lie, but I spent so much time working on those things (not even make 5 dollars a day), that it was just not worth the time I spent asking my girls to be quiet and playing movies to entertain them. Anyway, I joined SFI and simply followed the instructions, read the articles, trained myself for FREE all from the same site, and started working.

I took small steps, like changing my name on facebook to a link that directed interested people to my personal gateway. I let my friends and family know that I was not only a full-time mom, but also a new entrepreneur who could work from home and be able to afford those little pleasures in life that before I could not. I kept asking them (and myself for that matter), “What could you do if you were financially independent and most of your time was free to do with as you pleased?

Well I knew what I wanted, so I guess I just followed my guts. They told me, "Join SFI, it will work, and if it doesn't work, you have
NOTHING TO LOSE because you are not investing anything". So I did, and just in case after checking this site out, your guts don't tell you anything, I am telling you, IT WORKS!!! Keep reading, my friend, you are here for a reason; let me tell you more about this.